The Impact

We were impressed with Orum’s technology and straightforward API, and we were astounded by the level of support and collaboration Orum’s team provided throughout the implementation process.
VP of Product at Tally

Tally’s Money Movement Problem:

Jason Brown, Tally’s Founder and CEO, created Tally to help Americans pay off their credit card debt. In order to do that at scale, he and his team built a robot to optimize the repayment process for their customers. Tally needed a money movement partner that was better than their existing direct-to-bank integration to ensure the payment process was reliable and seamless. 

With their previous bank partner, Tally’s team had to dedicate too many resources to their file-based process, which was error-prone and often resulted in failures and required a time-consuming QA process. 

Tally’s engineering team chose Orum because of our reliable API, which delivers access to all major payment rails without costly bank integrations or prolonged compliance. What’s better? Orum’s solution can be integrated in just two days.

Orum’s Money Movement Solution:

With Tally’s switch to Orum, they saw improvements and created efficiencies in several key areas: 

Automation: Tally switched from a manual, file-based process to Orum’s eco-friendly comprehensive automated solution which streamlined their internal processes, resulting in failure reductions and better QA. 

Reconciliation: Moving away from a batched system allowed for optimized reconciliation, specifically for returns, with the ability to better trace payments end to end.  

Instant updates: Tally now receives payment status in real-time via web-hooks, improving their customer service.

Resource management: Tally freed up valuable resources, allowing them to scale with the business and focus on more complex activities, saving them hours in manual overhead.

Savings:  Tally saved money by integrating in only two days to an automated solution via API.

Expertise: Tally benefited from Orum’s dedicated team of payments experts to support them throughout the entire integration process with uncomplicated, superior money movement.

Why Orum’s money movement solution is better than direct-to-bank

Orum’s simple API integration for fast, reliable payments provides three major advantages over working directly with a bank. 

  • Save millions by avoiding engineering and operational costs associated with directly integrating with and maintaining a bank program 
  • Accelerate the onboarding process by integrating in two weeks or less, saving time and money 
  • Access all major payment rails via one API, with a team of experts to help along the way


Get Moving

Build trust and loyalty by ensuring your customers never have to worry about accessing their cash instantly. Orum’s streamlined payments solution can be implemented in one sprint or less, giving you access to all major rails without costly bank integrations or prolonged compliance. Our API delivers what you need now–and in the future as we give our clients first access to new rails and tools as soon as they become available via the same easy-to-integrate API. Orum is backed by the most reputable payment experts, partners, and top tier banks and investors – all to ensure delivery of every transaction.