Deliver payments 24/7 with our new ‘Direct to Fed’ money movement solution

Access bank-rate pricing, all major rails, and expanded processing windows without costly bank integrations. Our Deliver API is built on a new direct connection to the Federal Reserve’s payment rails as a service provider and orchestrates money movement, optimizing for speed and cost.

Optimize and Orchestrate Money Movement

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Bank-rate Pricing

As a service provider, we've built a direct connection to The Federal Reserve’s payment rails – allowing us to bring customers both exceptional speed and pricing advantages.

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Payment Optimization Across All Major Rails

Our solution provides access to FedNow, RTP, Same Day ACH, FedACH, and Fedwire – orchestrating payments to be fast and efficient.

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Expanded Processing Windows

We leverage more processing windows to ensure payment speed and certainty.

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Easy Set Up

Our customers go live in 2 weeks or less. We handle all the complexity – helping you save the 2 years and $2 million it typically costs for a direct bank integration.

    "amount": 90000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "speed": "asap",
    "source": {
        "account_reference_id": "string",
        "customer_reference_id": "string"
    "destination": {
            "account_reference_id": "string",
            "customer_reference_id": "string"

Fast payment API and instant bank account verification

Our modern payment solution orchestrates money movement – optimizing for speed and cost – and verifies bank accounts instantly. As a money movement platform, we make it easy to get set up in two weeks or less with informed support each step of the way.

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