About Us

Our vision is to power a better financial system where everyone has the freedom to build to their potential.

Our work is remote, not distant.

We believe that being a remote-first organization allows us to build a multidimensional team composed of diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

            10 Orum Employees             5 Orum Employees 2 Orum Employees             24 Orum Employees                                     PST                24.4%                             12.2% 4.9% 58.5%                            MST                CST EST                        
“Letting you work remotely and investing in remote work are two different things -- we believe a consistent, long-term remote work strategy is the best way to support a truly diverse team."
Stephany Kirkpatrick Founder & CEO

We invest in growing our talent – not office space

  • Health-and-Wellness 100% Paid Medical Premiums for You and Your Family
  • Remote-Office Medical Travel and Home Office Expense Funds
  • Offsite Paid Company Wide Mental Health Days
  • Resources 401(k) Match
  • Lunch-Events 12 Paid Holidays and 1 Week Companywide Paid Time Off in December
  • Deep-work Biweekly Meeting-Free Deep Work Days

Our Leadership We solve the hardest problems in money movement so that you can unleash new possibilities today.

As the daughter of an immigrant, I dedicated my career to thinking about how to help those that have less, have more. At Orum, we’re focused on making money move in real-time, all the time, in all directions.
Stephany Kirkpatrick Founder & CEO

Channeling Innovation Through Diversity

We are committed to cultivating an equitable and inclusive work environment by continuously assessing our practices to ensure DEIBA is deeply embedded - from hiring through to the Orum people experience.

  • 24.4% Female
  • 58.5% Male
  • 17.1% Did Not Disclose

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