The Simplest API Integration For Instant Payouts For Creators

The creative economy in the U.S. is bigger than agriculture or transportation and growing fast –– fueled by creators, influencers, and freelance professionals who work in fashion, TV, movies, design, social media, and beyond. Creators often live paycheck to paycheck, and they are looking for creator payment solutions that let them access their money in real-time. Now you can upgrade your creator payment solution quickly with Orum’s simple API. Orum’s solution can be implemented in two weeks or less and delivers fast, reliable instant payouts – giving creators what they’re looking for in a creator payment solution while helping your business reduce user acquisition costs and create new revenue streams.


Accelerate Creator Payments Through Simple API Integration

Power your creator platform with Orum's unparalleled creator payment solution. Eliminate slow and outdated payment processes and empower your creators with lightning-fast payouts. Save on engineering and operating costs while monetizing your platform to its full potential. Join the revolution and unlock the difference with Orum's accelerated solutions.

  • Fast Payouts For Your Creators

    Slow payouts can be frustrating for creators who are front and center in fostering instant satisfaction consumer behavior. Get rid of 3-5 day hold times and offer fast withdrawal settlement with Orum's simple payment solution. Build loyalty for your platform and give your creators another reason to choose you by engineering a faster, more reliable payout experience.

  • Maximize Efficiency and Revenue

    Don't lose customers to slow or cumbersome payment systems. In the creator economy, time is money. With Orum's unified payments platform, creator-based businesses can easily access multiple payment rails without costly integrations, freeing up time and resources to focus on core operations and servicing creators better.

  • Reduce Costs and Enhance Experience

    Orum's unified payments platform enables businesses in the creator economy to access multiple payment rails without costly integrations, allowing them to reduce engineering and operating costs. Our easy-to-integrate API and informed partner support enable businesses to streamline the payout process while providing a secure, reliable, and fast experience for creators and freelancers.

The Ultimate Solution For Creator Exchanges and Marketplaces In One Sprint or Less

Orum's Creator Payment API boosts payouts for an elevated customer experience, simplified payout processes, and diversified revenue streams, giving creator platforms a competitive edge.