Verify bank accounts instantly with our new technology

Our first-of-its-kind tech - built on FedNow and RTP - instantly verifies bank accounts before you initiate payments.

Instant, Accurate, and Efficient Verification. Patent Pending.


Immediately and seamlessly verifies bank accounts

Our first-of-its-kind technology – built on FedNow and RTP – determines within 15 seconds whether a bank account is open and valid before you initiate payments.


Delivers 100% coverage of all bank accounts

Payments are only as safe as the authentication of the recipient's account. Solve this problem without any gaps and do it in real-time.

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Eliminates customer friction

Don’t get slowed down by your customers looking for credentials or verifying antiquated, slow micro-deposits.

The simplest API for fast, reliable payments

The way the world verifies bank accounts is antiquated, slow, and unreliable

Traditional AVS

Constrained by end user credentials and archaic ACH microdeposits
Limited coverage with only 67% of US business accounts
Data is not reliable for today—but based on historical data, batched nightly and fails to reflect intra-day changes

Orum’s Solution: Verify

Instant microdeposit via RTP and FedNow
not dependent on end-user involvement
100% coverage of all bank accounts
leveraging RTP, FedNow and ACH
Data is instant and reliable 24/7/365
verifying a business account is open and valid in real-time

(Already) Award-Winning

Best Anti-Fraud for Lending
“Verify is a step forward in an industry still plagued by invalid credentials, friction, and fraud.”

– Tearsheet Data Awards