Instant claims payouts, happy customers


More than 3 out of every 4 Millennial and Gen Z policyholders are willing to switch insurers for real-time payouts of insurance claims. Acquire and retain customers by offering claim payouts that hit their account in seconds when they need their money the most.

  • Create the experience your customers expect

    2021 saw the most insurance sign ups in decades, and the providers with the best claims experience are grabbing the most customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Let Orum help you process claims faster.

  • The low-hanging fruit of claims optimization

    While many aspects of the claims process, like insurance estimates and approvals, are difficult to expedite, easy-to-implement digital payments that settle in seconds shave days off of the timeline.

  • Decrease returns with intelligent payments

    Increase success of premium payments with transfers powered by intelligence. By decreasing returns, you’ll waste less resources on hefty fees and collections programs, opening up more budget for key business initiatives.

Payments powered by intelligence

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease receivables costs with instant, intelligent payments.

Revenue generated from fast payouts

Revenue generated from fast payout fees

The best part? Orum scales with you.

With Orum's thoughtfully designed platform, it's simple to scale fast onramp/offramp across your existing and future product offerings through a single API.