Company Overview

Maroo is setting the new standard for the wedding and events industry, ensuring that paying for your wedding expenses no longer looks like it did when your grandparents tied the knot over 60 years ago. Maroo supports more than 10,000 wedding & events professionals, helping them get paid. Maroo’s growing community has processed over $250 million in payments since the platform launched in 2022.

We evaluated several different providers and chose Orum because of the quality of their API, reliability of their platform, instant account verification, automated orchestration of payments across all major payment rails, and expert guidance. The Orum team partnered closely with us to ensure we had everything we needed.
Alex Nikityuk Founder and CEO of Maroo

Maroo’s Real-time Payment Problem

With its previous payments partner, Maroo’s team was stuck with a system that took as long as seven days to move money between users – an eternity in today’s world of real-time customer expectations and business needs. What’s more, Maroo was spending significant time and resources on customer service and operational solutions to help businesses and users frustrated by the long wait times.

Maroo’s Founder and CEO Alex Nikityuk and engineering team chose Orum because the single API solution orchestrates money movement based on speed and cost, delivers access to all major payments rails, and is easy to set up and launch. In addition, Orum’s Verify technology gave Maroo instant bank account verification, unlocking a seamless customer onboarding experience. The new solution removed delays and reduced expenses caused by traditional, antiquated account verification offerings.

Unlike their previous payments partner, which handled questions via FAQs and email bots, Orum’s team of real-time payments experts provided support each step of the way, ensuring Maroo complied with BSA and AML regulations, and handed all the complexities around watchlists, transactional monitoring standards, audit rules, and other detailed requirements.

Orum’s Real-time Payment Solution

Maroo’s payments now move in real-time, and the cost per transaction is 11x lower than before. Orum delivered four major advantages over Maroo’s previous payments partner:

  • Increased the speed of payments by at least 50% by delivering access to all major payment rails – RTP, FedNow, Same Day ACH, ACH, and Wire – via a single API-based solution.
  • Reduced the cost of each transaction by more than 11x by providing a modern, API-based solution that orchestrates money movement based on both speed and cost.
  • Unlocked instant account verification via Orum’s Verify technology, which determines within 15 seconds whether a bank account is open and valid before initiating payments. Patent pending.
  • Delivered personalized customer support, replacing a provider that offered one-size-fits-all responses to questions via automated emails, FAQs, and customer service bots.

Orum reduced friction in our customer onboarding, sped up our payments, and reduced our costs by automatically optimizing our money movement via their API. Everything was easy to set up and launch. With Orum, we’re helping thousands of businesses in the weddings and events space – many female-founded small businesses – get paid faster than ever before.
Alex Nikityuk Founder and CEO of Maroo

Why Orum’s Payment Solution is Better Than Direct-to-Bank

Orum’s simple API integration for fast, reliable payments provides three significant advantages over working directly with a bank.

  • Save millions by avoiding engineering and operational costs associated with directly integrating with and maintaining a bank program
  • Accelerate the onboarding process by integrating in two weeks or less, saving time and money
  • Access all major payment rails via one API, with a team of experts to help along the way

Instant Account Verification Drives Growth

Maroo increased business conversion through Orum’s instant bank account verification. The technology utilizes RTP and FedNow and determines within 15 seconds whether an account is open and valid. It also covers 100% of U.S. bank accounts, enabling Maroo to grow its business by efficiently onboarding more customers and not waiting for microdeposits or user credentials.

Replacing one partner with another solution is always complicated and comes with risks, but thanks to Orum’s partnership, our new solution is a clear success – benefiting the thousands of businesses and individuals across our community, making sure they can onboard with zero friction, get up and running easily, and have the money they need, as fast as possible — all while helping us grow our business. It’s a win for everyone involved.
Alex Nikityuk Founder and CEO of Maroo

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