Orum API case studies reveal that a smoother banking experience is possible

Small businesses are stimulated by efficient money movement, and streamlined financial procedures can make the difference between growth and stagnation. However, a Federal Reserve survey found that 28% of businesses cited slow payments as a major obstacle that prevents them from managing their finances properly. This indicates that slow payments constitute a significant impediment. Problems or hold-ups in payment processing can affect supplier relationships, cause cash flow problems, and lower customer satisfaction.

This is where Orum steps in. We’ve compiled several interesting case studies, where we examine the Orum API in action. You'll gain a better understanding of client pain points and how Orum provides fast, reliable money movement solutions.

RepRally seizes growth opportunities with real-time insights

RepRally’s dependency on manual payment processes contributed to delayed payments. Outdated manual methods, such as paper checks and microdeposits, slowed their operations, impacting the company's internal workflow and ability to provide a simplified payment processing solution for its representatives.

Orum's API offered a money movement solution to overcome these challenges. With payment workflow automation and a single integration point for multiple payment options, Orum was able to streamline processes. RepRally’s shift to automation eliminated manual method delays and improved money movement efficiency.

RepRally’s remarkable improvement in processing speed led to better sales performance. The real-time visibility into commissions also enabled RepRally to identify and seize business expansion opportunities.

“RepRally’s reps were already thrilled to be making double or triple their typical salaries — and now that they’re receiving payouts in real-time, it’s been absolutely life-changing. Our past setup wasn’t working. F*ck microdeposits!”

Justin Donovan, CEO & Co-Founder Of RepRally

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Maroo speeds up payments by 50% and cuts costs

Slow ACH transfers and high transactional costs were eating into Maroo’s profitability. These roadblocks and expenses led to frustrations and limited Maroo’s operational strategy. 

By integrating Orum’s payments API, Maroo experienced a remarkable transformation in its processing. The partnership accelerated payment speeds by 50%, reduced transaction costs by an astonishing 11x, and introduced instant account verification

For Maroo, the results were instantaneous. Simplifying payment processing meant less time spent managing payment issues, and the improved customer experience led to accelerated business growth not only for Maroo, but also for the 10,000 wedding and event professionals on the platform. 

“We evaluated several different providers and chose Orum because of the quality of their API, reliability of their platform, instant account verification, automated orchestration of payments across all major payment rails, and expert guidance. The Orum team partnered closely with us to ensure we had everything we needed.”

Alex Nikityuk, Founder and CEO of Maroo

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Kanmon navigates market volatility with ease

Traditional banking solutions are restrictive and slow, which presented Kanmon with difficulties in a highly volatile market. These slow processes made it more difficult for Kanmon to satisfy customer expectations and react swiftly.

The answer to Kanmon's unique requirements was offered by Orum's money movement flexibility. Kanmon was able to quickly adjust thanks to Orum's API, which provided easy fixes and non-expensive integrations for access to all major payment rails — including FedNow, RTP, Same Day ACH, ACH, and Wires.

This partnership was quite successful, as seen by the quick product launches and feature requests. For example, Orum demonstrated the flexibility and responsiveness of their technology by working with Kanmon to design and introduce a direct refinancing product in less than a week. Kanmon was able to assist clients as a result.

“We were really looking for flexibility and trust, especially now, given where markets and banks have been the past couple of years. We wanted a platform that we could trust was solid, safe, and a true partner — because we ourselves work with platforms and merchants, so we understand that relationship well. Orum has been that true partner and more.”

Roland Mansilla, Head of Product at Kanmon

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Simplify & speed up payments with Orum's money movement solution

Orum's API is changing the way payment processing is done for small businesses. By simplifying and providing faster alternatives, Orum gives autonomy back to businesses with greater control over the payment options they enable for their end users. Streamline fund transfers and account verification through one unified API.

With Orum, you benefit from delivering payments 24/7 through a fast, seamless integration while also getting what you want now and in the future through flexible APIs. Orum customers get early access to new payment rails and bank account verification solutions as soon as they become available— allowing you to scale your business and drive growth on your terms.

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