Allow customers to fund accounts just as fast as they open them


Reduce drop off in the account opening experience with faster funding, so your customers can quickly start seeing the benefits of your platform.

  • Build for customers, not fraudsters

    Don’t let a small percentage of bad actors determine the speed of your overall payment experience. Increase accounts funded by 2x with intelligence-backed payments that settle while your customers still have your app open.

  • Optimize CAC with fast funding

    With risk-managed payment acceleration, you can eliminate platform holds, driving customers from expensive rails that charge upwards of 3%, to high-speed, low-cost bank transfers. Your customers’ accounts will still fund before they close your app, but for cents, not percents.

  • Increase profits, decrease returns

    Increase profitability and decrease return risk by adding our simple, efficient intelligent payment solution. Our smart routing will automatically send payments to the optimal set of rails to minimize risk and maximize speed.

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