Company Overview

Archie is a platform dedicated to more transparent payment workflows between businesses and the freelancers they hire, unlocking the ability for businesses to onboard and pay independent contractors with ease. It’s an all-in-one back office that’s purpose-built for 1099 contractor work, making it far simpler for vendors and companies to work together. Businesses can either onboard freelancers or invite them to do so themselves, thus eliminating fraud, strengthening compliance, and streamlining taxes. Archie tracks all invoices in a centralized dashboard and offers customizable features like approval flows while also issuing same-day and ACH payments to vendors.

We were so beaten down by our previous vendor’s processes that we started to wonder if this is just how money movement had to be. We knew better methods were out there, but they felt unreachable — until we discovered Orum. Orum makes it possible for people to get their money faster, which is beyond crucial for small vendors who are dependent on that capital. That’s core to Archie’s mission, and Orum is so aligned.
Vijay Singh
Archie Head of Product and Engineering

Archie’s Payments Problem

Archie had signed with a previous partner, a fintech company that promised to facilitate easy onboarding as well as RTP, ACH, and Same-Day ACH payments. But the team ended up stymied and frustrated on both counts.

This fintech’s onboarding product included such a laborious process that Archie compares it to applying for a mortgage. They often were forced to require users to upload bank statements, business registration documents, a passport or driver’s license, and more. Even then, the details on all the documents had to match — down to the individual character — or the contractor would be blocked from the system.

“‘New York Nightclub LLC’ on one document and ‘New York Nightclub, LLC’ on another would trigger a complete block, forcing manual intervention by our engineering team,” says Vijay Singh, Archie’s Head of Product and Engineering. “100% of contractor accounts required us to get involved: We’d troubleshoot over several days, about 12-16 hours per contractor. We lost valuable team time, and some contractors because onboarding was so painful that they’d just disappear.”

Archie found their previous vendor made payments in such a way that the promised speeds were slower than advertised: For example, Same-Day ACH could take three business days to arrive in a contractor’s account. Faster payment rails were available, but they cost 10 times more than Same-Day ACH. This vendor also didn’t provide access to newer rails like FedNow — and similarly, Singh and his engineering team found the vendor’s API documentation and processes to be outdated. 

Archie switched to Orum’s highly flexible and modern API, allowing them to access bank-rate pricing, all major payments rails, instant bank account verification, and expanded processing windows. Orum is built to orchestrate money movement in a way that optimizes for speed and cost while providing access to the latest payment rails like FedNow and RTP in addition to Same Day ACH, ACH, and Wires.

Orum’s Money Movement Solution

Orum provided three major advantages for Archie:

  • Provided a robust, modern API, with straightforward API documentation that delivers the latest in payments technology and rails with access to RTP, FedNow, Same Day ACH, ACH, and Wires. Archie can depend on Orum to stay a step ahead in the fast-moving B2B payments infrastructure space, while also relying on Orum to orchestrate payments through methods that automatically optimize for speed and cost — a key need for Archie’s customer base 
  • Offered simple onboarding and innovative bank account verification solutions, significantly reducing the frustrating manual processes Archie experienced with its previous vendor. With Orum, companies can either bring along their KYC/KYB provider or use Orum’s straightforward onboarding that requests only basic information to get started. And Orum’s instant bank account verification ensures bank accounts are open, valid, and ready to send or receive payments.
  • Provided a customizable platform and a team that is excited to respond to feature requests allowing Archie to build on its own platform to serve larger clients’ unique needs — and replacing a previous vendor who simply directed Archie to “DIY it” using their confusing documentation.
We can already see the growth opportunities Orum is opening for us. Before, product-led growth could only get people into the top of the sales funnel, since they couldn’t really onboard themselves. Now with Orum, we’ll be able to get them all the way through to conversion without any effort from an Archie team member — which will let us capture busy clients who want to move quickly. For our larger clients, we’ll be able to build for their unique needs thanks to Orum’s customizable platform and responsiveness to feature requests.
Vijay Singh
Archie Head of Product and Engineering

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