Orum’s founder and CEO, Stephany Kirkpatrick, shares her vision for a frictionless financial future built on seamless real-time payments.

Building a company from the ground up is unlike anything else you’ll do in your life. As Orum’s founder and CEO, I know firsthand the many challenges that business leaders face on a daily basis as you work toward your company’s mission. I also know that a friction-filled financial system with complicated, slow money movement doesn’t have to be one of them. When I founded Orum, it was because I saw the fear and frustration people felt as they tried to gain quick access to their own money. I wanted to take on long-standing institutional barriers and solve them at the infrastructural level so we could transform the way financial services work for everyone. As other systems have evolved to meet our on-demand economy—from same-day packages to near-instantaneous food delivery—payments have lagged behind as a result of unaddressed stagnation. In an era when financial possibilities should be endless, consumers and business owners are still waiting three to five days to access already-earned wages, get money into or out of a brokerage account, or receive an insurance payout. These delays mean they could miss out on investment opportunities or incur NSF or overdraft fees – this is when they need liquid capital the most, and when access to it should be instant. In many ways, we’ve come to accept delayed access to liquidity because it’s what we’ve always known—but what if there’s a better way? Orum is taking on these tough problems and building a world where money moves and is available instantly and around the clock, unlocking innovation for our partners so they can unleash new possibilities for their customers. By harnessing the power of Real-Time Payment rails, we’re enabling money movement solutions that take seconds, not days. What could that mean for the products you’re building or want to build? And how can we power up the next generation of financial innovation together? Ask yourself:

  • What new and innovative products, features, and services could you create and develop if money moved in real time? How would you create a better, more evolved customer experience?
  • How would early adoption of real-time payments build credibility for your brand and attract top partners, customers, and candidates to your company?
  • What new revenue opportunities might exist if you could move money instantly?
  • What else could your team focus on if money movement was simple, fast, and turnkey? What jobs-to-be done could you take on for your customers that aren’t getting solved yet because your engineering resources are tied up with complex payments tasks?
  • How would instant transactions distinguish you from your market competitors, who would likely still be issuing clunky payouts three to five business days behind? 
  • How would your operations grow if workers were paid out at the end of every shift, insurance claims were disbursed instantly, and loans were furnished on the spot?
  • How might your accounting be simplified—and your working capital boosted—if business payments were settled and reconciled immediately?

If you find these questions intriguing and inspiring—and you’re excited by the chance to offer real-time payouts, win your customers’ ongoing loyalty, and stay ahead of the industry curve—we want to talk to you.  Our solution propels innovation and opens boundless opportunities for your company to create net-new capabilities. Smarter, faster money movement isn’t just a product; it’s a key part of the frictionless financial future we’re building together with our partners. And we want you in it. Sincerely, Stephany Kirkpatrick Founder and CEO

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