When it comes to money movement, the details of your transfers matter. Whether troubleshooting a customer issue or reconciling your balance, you need the ability to work with your payments data. That’s why we recently launched the ability to export transfer data directly from the Orum Portal. 

Today, we’re taking reporting even further with a new Reports page, giving you direct access to better understand historical transaction data and your balance history. And we have more coming soon!

Reports in the Orum Portal let you quickly reconcile your balance and see how things have changed over time.

Let’s take a closer look at the two new reports available today.

Balance Reconciliation Report

This report helps you reconcile your balance by viewing how your transactions have affected your balance over a specified period of time. Once you select a date range, the report will process and show as Completed.

balance reconciliation report in the Orum Portal

From there, you can download the report as a CSV. The CSV file provides all the data you need to build your own custom view:

  • Transfer ID
  • Reference ID
  • External Transfer ID
  • Balance Updated At
  • Affected Balance
  • Direction
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Status
  • Payment Method
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Estimated Funds Delivery Date
  • Network Reason Code
  • Network Reason Text
  • Orum Reason Code
  • Orum Reason Text
  • Available Amount
  • Pending Amount
  • Ledger Amount

Balance Summary Report

Do you need a more summarized view of how your balance has changed over time? That’s exactly what the Balance Statement Summary provides. Select a time period, and a new statement summary is generated directly within your browser. This report shows the following details:

  • Opening Available Balance
  • Opening Pending Balance
  • Orum Transfer Activities (broken down by payment rail)
  • Non-Orum Transfer Activities (showing both inbound and outbound funds)
  • Closing Available Balance
  • Closing Pending Balance

balance statement summary in the Orum Portal

With the new Reports page in the Orum Portal, you can quickly get the details you need to speed up customer service, troubleshoot issues, and understand trends that might impact your business.

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