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One solution to access RTP, FedNow, Same Day ACH, ACH, Wires — and now instant bank account verification.
What We Do

We automate and optimize money movement – and instantly verify accounts – to grow your business

Launch fast payments and verify bank accounts instantly. Access all major rails without costly bank integrations or prolonged compliance and verify bank accounts instantly, all with our first-of-its-kind technology and payment API. We’ll get you set up in two weeks or less.

The Solution

We transform payments and account verification so you can grow revenue increase conversion improve profitability

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Launch payments in two weeks or less

Access all major rails without costly bank integrations. Our API orchestrates money movement, optimizing for speed and cost.

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Verify bank accounts instantly with our innovative technology

Our first-of-its-kind technology determines within 15 seconds whether a bank account is open and valid. We cover 100% of U.S. bank accounts. Patent pending.

Money Moves

Safeguard your business

Don’t bet your business on an unreliable bank or payments partner. We provide a reliable, tested, and trusted solution in a world of real-time expectations.

    "transfer_reference_id": "string",
    "amount": 90000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "speed": "asap",
    "source": {
        "account_reference_id": "string",
        "customer_reference_id": "string"
    "destination": {
        "account_reference_id": "string",
        "customer_reference_id": "string"

Fast payment API and instant bank account verification

Our modern payment solution orchestrates money movement – optimizing by speed and cost – and verifies bank accounts instantly. We make it easy to get set up and we provide informed support each step of the way.

How Fast, Reliable Payments and Instant Bank Account Verification Drive Growth


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